A Community is Built On Integrity
June 30, 2022
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When you tell a tenant something will be fixed "tomorrow," you have exactly that long to get the job done. Anything after tomorrow means you have lost their trust. Excuses don't get people anywhere, which is why we always give an honest and straightforward answer. From the repairs and upgrades your mechanical system might need to the inevitable discussion of price and service time, we are always going to be straightforward.
Honesty and integrity, all the way down the line - because that’s what everyone, especially your tenants deserve.
The team at HPG Mechanical is dedicated to helping you maintain your building’s mechanical systems so you can best serve your tenants. Our preventative maintenance approach is a simple way to prevent surprises while planning for energy-saving upgrades in the future. Call us at 403-259-0049 to schedule a visit from one of our certified professionals and see how HPG can help you.

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