A Guide to Hiring the Best Mechanical Maintenance Company for Your Building
August 30, 2022
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HVAC systems are one of the most expensive investments in our buildings. We do everything we can to ensure they run efficiently and properly. Even though it may be easy to check the thermostat and change the filters, we still require professional, reliable HVAC/heating and plumbing experts to do installations and perform routine maintenance.

Choosing the best mechanical contractors can be a hassle for property owners and property managers alike. If you're unsure of how to hire the best heating and air, plumbing company, you're not alone. So many people are not sure how to go about identifying, comparing, evaluating, and working with mechanical maintenance companies and HVAC companies. Here's where HPG Mechanical comes in.

HPG is an experienced, 50+ year-old, commercial plumbing and gas fitting company offering mechanical services for property managers, building owners, condo boards, strata companies, etc. in the Calgary area.

There are various companies offering maintenance services for your HVAC and plumbing needs. Your responsibility as a consumer is to look for the best mechanical maintenance company you can find in Calgary. Sometimes it isn't easy for you to figure out the exact problem you are facing. So for the sake of your peace of mind, here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing the best mechanical maintenance company for your building:

  1. Experience

Property managers know that compromising on the quality of a building's components can mean huge long-term risks. Therefore, choosing the best mechanical maintenance company has a lot to think about. Being in the industry for quite a while sometimes does not make a company the best nor does it make it the worst. Experience is indeed the best teacher, but training is what separates the ordinary companies from the extra-ordinary ones.

Mechanical maintenance is a matter of precision and that comes with having a great track record even after working in the industry for years. It is wise to always keep a check on the qualifications of the technicians as they know how to deal with different complicated cases compared to new companies. This might end up saving you a lot of trouble.

The slightest miscalculations can negate performance, reliability and efficiency. To avoid costly problems, working with an experienced company that has served the community for several years is a great bargain. Besides, companies with solid reputations have highly experienced technicians who understand how to handle tasks that involve modern and outdated equipment.

Also, experienced company contractors never use improper replacement supplies to simplify repair tasks. They use the best components that are tailored for certain functions so that mechanical problems won’t develop in future. Building owners and property managers understand what it means to provide their customers with exceptional HVAC maintenance services. All these can be provided with experienced companies

2. Industry Certification

The company license is a critical factor to consider before choosing your mechanical maintenance company. The most successful air conditioner businesses serve locals by establishing trust. In the HVAC industry, trust is mainly gained after technicians obtain certain certifications. Typically, HVAC companies that are recognized by property managers and condo boards are trusted in many neighbourhoods.

Reputable companies have dependable technicians who meet industry standards. These specialists maintain trust by incorporating proper procedures to ensure professional results throughout HVAC projects.

It is the duty of property managers to ensure the safety of residents is upheld. Therefore, important certifications should also be put into consideration.

3. References and Referrals

A reputable company that has successfully served building owners will have many referrals and be talked about in condo boards. Even though they might seem challenging to track, there are ways to notice them efficiently.

You can ask for references or even call them up. You can ask if jobs were completed on time and within the allocated budget. Ask whether the company performed clean installations and took care of the building owner's property.

Determine if the company tested the system after it was installed to ensure maximum efficiency. Make an effort of going online to check complaints or ratings, but also considering that some reviews could be fake.

4. Quality of Customer Service

As a client, you have the right to be guaranteed high-quality service and expect your HVAC contractors to deliver results as promised. Always choose the company that offers the best service, even if they may have higher prices than other options. Efficiency is essential and prices can be justified by the exceptional quality of service and results.

5. Personalised Maintenance Services

Property managers should ensure their tenants always remain happy and avoid costly emergency repairs. To have your condominium building regularly maintained, building owners deserve a maintenance program tailored to the construction as agreed by the condo board.

Every building is unique, therefore, a company that provides customized mechanical maintenance programs suitable to the needs and budget of the condo boards. Before executing a maintenance program, it has to perform a site inspection of their equipment and discuss their requirements and concerns. Having a customized routine maintenance plan for your HVAC system will assist in keeping the HVAC system at optimum performance all year round.

6. Building Evaluation

Before having any HVAC systems installed, potential contractors should provide a thorough evaluation to determine the best components and solution. Once one has an evaluation, the prospective contractor should provide a written, itemized estimate so as to compare costs, warranties and energy efficiency in the proposals.

7. Reliability

A good contractor should always be able to explain the problem on the spot without causing too much confusion with unnecessary information. When they use too much technical jargon, it proves that they are not honest about it.

8. Resources

Avoid any mechanical maintenance company without adequate resources to work. Resources may include a reliable team of sub-contractors at its disposal, advanced and cutting-edge components, and adequate staff for larger projects.

9. Environmentally-Friendly

Nowadays, we are going back to basics by providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly services. A mechanical contractor who cares about the environment should contribute to energy and water conservation.


All you need is the best contractor for the job. HPG is the one-stop solution for all your plumbing and HVAC needs, committed to providing their clients with the best possible services available.

Heating and cooling systems that have been poorly installed in your commercial property can have a huge impact on the residents' comfort and your finances.

When not maintained, even the best heating and cooling system can cost you by wasting energy. Some of the maintenance tasks are performed by property owners, but most should be performed by professionals, especially in strata and commercial properties. You will need an HVAC contractor if your system is at the end of its useful life.

Peace of mind is your bottom line!

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