Commercial Plumbing

Building managers and strata members appreciate our professional service whenever a licensed plumber is required.

We maintain commercial boilers across Calgary and are one of the top plumbing companies in the city. Whenever a Journeyman plumber is required for difficult issues, we are that efficient plumbing company you can trust to solve the toughest jobs.

Complicated plumbing requires certified plumbers to deal with technical aspects. If you need to find a plumber in Calgary to deal with a tough problem, we will be pleased to discuss the details.

For cooling systems, we specialize in air conditioner install, service and repair.

Fixing restaurant grease traps is another one of our specialties. Call any time to set up an appointment.
Our service team works closely with strata companies to maintain plumbing in condo buildings. We provide maintenance programs for industrial boilers, plus trouble shooting and repairs for all heating and plumbing fixtures.
If you have a new project in mind call us about anything to do with heating, heat exchange, heat pumps, air conditioner replacement and related systems. We always enjoy discussing new customers needs.

Call during office hours and we will direct you to the right person. We offer reduced rates for our top clients.

Highrise, Strata, Property Owners


Most buildings and apartment complexes use a commercial boiler and hot water storage tank for heating. In many municipalities, water pressure is an issue for multi-story buildings, requiring a water booster or house pump. Booster pumps are occasionally used in houses but are not nearly as complex or large as those used in commercial applications.
Other kinds of equipment rarely seen in residential applications include:
• Roof drains
• Commercial floor drains
• Trench drains
• Thermostatic mixing valves
• RPZ valves
• Mechanical joint fittings
• Series boiler installations
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