Hard Water is a Problem You Shouldn't Ignore
September 3, 2021
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No one likes it when the hot water runs out. But lately, does it feel like it’s running out sooner, faster? While every water heater has a lifespan, it is frustrating to have a new boiler start to work inefficiently.

Why does this happen? We don’t want to upset you, but there is something in your water.

It’s true. No matter how clean and purified you think the water that flows from your taps might be, there is usually some amount of dissolved minerals. The same water you brush your teeth with, cook and clean with, and even hydrate with is loaded with minerals.

Lucky for you, it is a good thing. The dissolved minerals - usually calcium and magnesium -  in most water can benefit your health. However, these minerals are also what determines the hardness of the water. And there’s nothing wrong with hard water - it happens naturally and can even add a pleasant flavour to some water. However, there is a downside. 

Have you ever noticed a spotty film on your pots after boiling water in them? Or the spots that show up on your glassware when you empty the dishwasher? As the water heats up, the minerals are released and left behind on your dishware. Now imagine the same thing happening on a bigger scale: like with your apartment building’s boiler and hot water heater.

 Heating hundreds or thousands of gallons of water every week can release pounds of minerals into your plumbing system. Over time, these minerals can cool and harden in your pipes or in the bottom of your hot water heater - a process we know as scaling - and this buildup can cost you a lot in the long run. From decreased water pressure to less-efficient water heating, hard water can greatly impair the quality and lifespan of your plumbing systems. 

This is exactly what happened inside one of the buildings Hank’s Plumbing works with. The level of minerals flowing through their municipal water connection caused scaling in their pipes and caused the hot water heater to work overtime to keep up with the resident’s hot water demands.

After inspecting their system for other issues, we installed two potable water anti-scale units to mellow out the hard water flowing through their system. Instead of having to replace their system every few years because of hard water damage and scaling issues, it’s just a matter of swapping out a few filters periodically - saving them significant time and money.

We also ensured they had the required manifold piping, isolation valves, and unions for service access to make future maintenance a breeze.

Do you think you’re having issues with hard water? Give the pros at Hank’s Plumbing a call. With our preventative maintenance plan, we can check for hard water damage, assess the mineral content of your water, and review your entire plumbing system for possible ways to improve efficiency while saving you money.

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