HVAC equipment is invisible when it works well. However once it fails, it can cause discomfort, lost productivity, and costly damage. A properly designed maintenance program can reduce the risk of breakdowns and results in lower operating costs in the long run. HPG offers maintenance programs for standard comfort heating/cooling systems to mission critical server facilities to multi dwelling condominium properties.


Rapid and professional service any time of day is a key part of the design of our modern service department. With tools such as GPS tracking and mobile tablets our service department can dispatch the right technician with all the critical client information, service history and equipment details before he arrives on site. Our service department operates 24/7.


HPG Mechanical has trained and certified Cross Connection professionals.
Backflow devices prevent contaminants in one part of your building from entering the water supply in another part of your building. In Ottawa in 2016, federal bylaws were put in place requiring premise isolation to protect city water supply. This bylaw makes installation and inspection devices mandatory. 

Our technicians at HPG Mechanical can install, inspect, and repair these devices.

HPG Mechanical can perform an audit of your building to determine if and where cross-contamination risks exist in your building. We can then propose measures to protect yourself against these hazards and ensure that your building meets Building Code and Bylaw requirements.

Air Conditioning Installation & Removal

When your air conditioner has stopped working and it's time to replace it, call us about your options. We stay up to date with what's new on the market today and can advise on your best course of action. Air Conditioning systems are typically wrapped into an HVAC system, so it is possible there may be related issues in the HVAC system.

When you call to set an appointment, we will have one of our technicians inspect your unit and give you an assessment.
A new air conditioner eliminates the heat of summer when you need it most. With new air conditioning system installations, we take care of everything front to back. We will dispose of the old parts and leave you with a more efficient cooling system you can rely on for years.

Call any time during office hours to arrange for an appointment.

Annual Air Conditioning Service

By the time the seasons make their turn, many air conditioners are, well, a little rusty even under the most optimal conditions. You simply need a little regular air conditioning maintenance, so you won't have to look at Air Conditioning replacement in the middle of summer. We provide heating and cooling services that cover all makes and models.

With an annual air conditioning service call we look at every part of the unit with emphasis on those things which experience has proven to be most vulnerable to damage or degradation. Chief among these are the cooling fins that help dissipate the large amount of heat accumulated in the air conditioning process.

If the cooling fins become bent or closed, (as in a hailstorm) clogged with leaves, dirt and debris (as in a wind storm), unit efficiency will be severely degraded-- which means it will have to run longer and harder in order to produce the same amount of cooling. In fact, a clogged unit may not be capable of producing a decent level of performance no matter how long it runs. Adequate airflow is one of the most necessary parts of the servicing process.

The Facts

Air conditioners are devices that rely on several subsystems operating in harmony for them to perform their task. Because the cost of Air Conditioning repair can be steep, the small amount spent in annual air conditioning service is a good investment.

Air conditioners have a big job to do, and they do it under extreme conditions. When it's hot outside, your air conditioner works hard so you can sit back and relax.

Providing your Air Conditioning system with the regular tune-up it requires will undoubtedly save time, money, and aggravation in the long run. Regular maintenance will prolong the need for early replacement.

It is not always hot weather that creates the need for Air Conditioning service, remember the main unit stays outside all year, even in the winter. During that time, air conditioners are turned off. In this state of inactivity, they can't shake off the persistent effects of weather eating away at their moving parts and electrical contacts.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Another critical item on our checklist involves testing the compressor and its associated refrigerant charge. If the amount of refrigerant has fallen below advised levels, the unit will run hot-- which in turn stresses the compressor that moves it through the system. When this situation becomes problematic your Air Conditioning unit can break down out of the blue. Premature air conditioner installation is something you want to avoid if possible. We recommend setting up a regular maintenance schedule with us to help avoid unnecessary repairs.

A shortfall in refrigerant often means there is a minor leak somewhere in the system. This will have to be found and sealed. Likewise, a slowly expiring compressor operates at very low efficiency and poses a threat of fire. Running an amperage test to see if either the compressor or condenser motor is drawing a larger than expected amount of electricity to power the system is a very important part of the process.
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