“My pilot has gone out in my furnace.”
April 30, 2020
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If furnace quits working, shut main power off for 10 seconds.  For furnaces with a newer ignition, turn main power off by following wire from the furnace to the switch.  Wait the 10 seconds then back on again.  Often this resets ignition but if it continues to fail, call us.

Also, many modern furnaces and boilers are self diagnosing.  Usually instructions for interpreting this are written in appliance manual or on the front access cover.  DO NOT turn off to reset the appliance if you find it is self diagnosing – interpret the code first.  Turning the appliance off will erase the fault.  This code can be extremely helpful in reducing travel time as plumber can often bring the correct replacement part without first visiting your property.

Look for heat marks around chimney and around your appliances or rust build-up above burner compartments or chimney.  If you are concerned, send us a picture or have us come out.  We can often let you know, just by looking at a picture, if it is something to be concerned about or not.

If it is an older furnace with a standing pilot, find the gas valve and turn to the “pilot” position.  Depress knob.  Follow the small gas line from the valve to pilot light with a long match or lighter, while continuing to keep knob depressed for 30 seconds.  Let up slowly and turn the gas valve knob back to “on” position.

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