Plumbing Emergencies – WHAT YOU CAN DO?
April 30, 2020
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Even the most well-maintained homes with robust plumbing systems will occasionally suffer from a plumbing emergency. Unexpected extreme weather conditions cause pipes to burst, and the odd washer or fitting working loose is simply a fact of life. There are two things that make a difference to the level of damage incurred in these situations: how you react when you discover the issue, and who you call to fix the problem.

At Hank’s Plumbing we are here to help our customers in whatever way we can, and we have devised the following checklist of things you can do in the event of a plumbing emergency to limit any damage before you call us, or while you wait for us to arrive.

What to do in a Plumbing Emergency

Do not panic! – this sounds obvious, but if you are suddenly confronted with water spraying everywhere it is a common reaction. Stop, think, and take the following steps …


Turn off the Water  

This needs to be the first thing you do. While water continues to be supplied to your property the potential for ongoing damage remains. Turning the water off will limit the volume of water in your system to a finite amount. It also removes most of the pressure from your plumbing network, slowing down the rate at which any water can escape.

The stop valve for your supply is normally located under or near to the kitchen sink or hot water tank. If you have a basement or garage where your water supply arrives it may be situated there. Some valves are located outside, in which case look for a small cover in plastic or metal in the street, and lever this up to reveal the valve.

Turn On the Cold Taps (after you have turned off the water to the house) 

It may seem odd to turn water on, but this is one of the quickest ways to remove water safely from the system and minimise the amount available to leak. Flushing the toilet can also help. Avoid doing this in any room where the pipes are leaking though.

Turn Off the Heating and Electrical Immersion Heaters 

Once this is done you can safely turn on the hot taps to expel the water from those too.

Sense Check Electricals 

If the water leaking has touched or moved close to any electrical supply or appliance then turn the electricity off at the mains. If in doubt, do not touch anything electrical until a plumber or electrician has checked out your system.

Call a Plumber 

If you haven’t already, then now is the time to do this! You have already taken control of the situation and done all you can to limit any damage to your property. Now it is time for the professionals, like the team at Hank’s Plumbing, to help make sure the problem is properly fixed. You need a name you can trust in these situations and at Hank’s Plumbing we pride ourselves on helping our customers to help themselves where possible. In many emergency plumbing cases, there are things you can do immediately to manage the situation and limit any damage. If the problem then needs professional attention, we will be there to help. We would always seek to not only fix the immediate problem but help you to identify if there are underlying issues which may have caused it and make recommendations for actions that may prevent future occurrences.

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Leaky_pipe_section_removed_using_copper_tube_cutter.jpgAll of Hank’s Plumbing staff are highly trained professionals. We understand the distress a plumbing emergency can cause, and that is why we always ensure that our customers receive only the absolute best service from qualified plumbers. At Hank’s Plumbing, we are proud of our apprenticeship schemes, which are detailed and thorough, ensuring a high standard of service from our company at all times. It is a fact of life that not all builders, and sadly, not all plumbers will choose to adhere to the strict guidelines laid out in our National Plumbing Code. For many, it is easier to simply cut corners, and use inadequate materials that are unfit for the job in hand. It is the poor unsuspecting public who then suffer later, as they are the ones left to deal with the difficulties that can arise from leaking water pipes, and the damage that this can cause. Even where quality materials and professional practices have been employed problems can still arise. If you have a problem, choose a name you can trust to guide you through – choose Hank’s Plumbing.

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