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Commercial plumbing companies are equipped to deal with and maintain wide variety of systems from high-rise boilers and industrial piping to public washrooms and warehousing needs. 

Our service and maintenance track record is decades long for many local business customers and will be happy to provide references on request if you are considering changing contractors or have a new facility in need of maintenance. Take a moment and read through this short list of descriptions.

Public Washrooms

Toilets in a commercial setting frequently require an infrared beam flush valve, which may be manually or automatically activated. Toilets in stalls are frequently wall hung using a closet carrier installed behind the wall. A qualified commercial plumbing company understands the dynamics involved in installing auto-flush systems in public washrooms,

Also, wall hung lavatories hung on lavatory chair carriers are common in commercial bathrooms, as are battery or solar operated automatic faucets. And, finally, there are the urinals that are not normally found in residential bathrooms.

Simply put, most residential plumbing companies are neither familiar with nor trained to service many of these types of equipment and would not have the specialized tools and parts necessary to be classed as qualified commercial plumbers.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial and industrial plumbing is different from residential and requires different skills, tools and parts. Our team has that training, in addition to the experience necessary to carry out commercial plumbing maintenance and repairs.

Our commercial plumbing services:
• 24-hour emergency service
• Industrial pump repair & installation
• Water heater/boiler maintenance & repair
• Large and small diameter, high-pressure waterjet drain cleaning
• Backflow installation, repair, and testing
• Video pipeline inspection and electronic line location
• Storm drain cleaning and repair
• Pressure reducing valve repair & inspection.
• Scheduled maintenance programs
For any maintenance and repair requirements, as well as installation and upgrade services, call and ask for a commercial plumber from our team to visit your site.

Drain Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial and industrial drain systems vary substantially from residential ones and require different training, tools, and abilities. HPG Mechanical commercial division consists of professionals with the skills and experience necessary to provide the highest quality service, including:
• 24-hour emergency service
• Industrial pump repair & installation
• Large and small diameter, high-pressure waterjet drain cleaning
• Backwater valve installation, repair, and testing
• Video pipeline inspection and electronic line location
• Storm drain cleaning and repair
• Scheduled maintenance programs
Due to the sheer volume of waste that goes into a commercial drainage system, regular cleaning of these drains is a necessity. Without regular clean-outs, blockages are inevitable.

We employ the latest hydro-jet drain cleaning technology, using high-pressure streams of water to clean your drains, preventing clogs or unclogging pipes and storm drains when necessary. Think of hydro-jetting as pressure-washing for your drains, but with ultra-high pressure. We use a range of pressures, tailored to the specific type of drainpipes in use at each customer’s location.

Annual Drain Cleaning Maintenance

As previously mentioned, the amount of waste that goes into commercial and industrial drains makes regular drain cleaning necessary in order to avoid problems. We will be happy to visit your location to assess your needs and provide you with a quotation for scheduled drain cleaning.

If your business doesn’t have a drain cleaning program in place, call us now at 403-259-0049.

Backwater Valves

A backwater valve is a one-way, waste flow control device installed below grade to protect your business from back-flows of sewage and storm water. Not having a backwater valve, or having one that isn’t operational, puts your business at risk. Commercial businesses should have a backwater valve though you may not be aware of it, and it should be properly maintained.

We install, maintain and repair all makes of backwater valves for our customers in Calgary.

Emergency Drain Repair

Should your business experience a drainage problem, even if it only seems limited to slow drainage, you need to have it fixed. Call us for prompt emergency service, 24 hours each day. We provide drain inspection with a camera to identify problems and will fix whatever has gone wrong before it becomes a financial disaster.


The plumbing services we offer range from services like fixing clogged toilets, or a dripping faucet, broken, burst or frozen pipes, a re-piping installation for a heritage home or any complicated system. If you need a quality plumber in the Calgary to handle an issue at your home or business, we'll be pleased to talk about those details with you. Call any time to set up an appointment or a quick quote over the phone.
Whether a clogged toilet, shower or laundry room drain has upset your day with the toughest of clogs, our plumbers will take care of it. All drains lead to the sewer main and they must be free and clear to let the water flow. Our video sewer camera comes in very handy for pin-pointing difficult drain clogs. If something has plugged one of your drains call us to get it cleared.


Plumbing Equipment

In our vans we carry a variety of special tools & equipment needed on certain types of jobs. As these tools can be costly to purchase and maintain, we do charge to use them on each job. 

Listed here are some of the tools / equipment we charge for while on a job

Hand Snake - $15.00

Hand snakes are on the more inexpensive side of plumbing tools, however, due to the small size cable we find that they are often damaged after little use and must be replaced. We charge a $15 fee when we use our hand snake.

Super Vee - $65.00

A super vee is a 35ft handheld power snake.
These machines are perfect for any blocked drain that the hand snake cannot get. Blockages such as bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks are common jobs where we would use the super vee. These machines are quite expensive and there is a $35 charge when
they are used.

85 ft Cable - $85.00

Our 85-foot cable is a general-purpose drain machine. It is best operated with one person on the trigger and the other working the cable however it is possible to use without help. These drain machines can tackle large drainage blockages but are versatile enough to get down kitchen and bathroom sink drains for difficult blockages that are a long way down the drain. They are mainly used on larger drains such as 3” main blockages and toilet lines. We charge $85.00 to use this machine.

100 ft Cable - $115.00

Our 100 foot cable is strictly for main drain blockages or blockages that are unable to be cleared with the 85 ft cable. We only use this machine on 3” (or larger) drains. This machine is best used with a helper as it has a lot of power and can be quite dangerous to operate by oneself. We charge $115.00 when we have to use this machine at your residence.

Camera - $369.00

Our camera is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment we have at Hank's Plumbing. It is a very useful tool when investigating drainage issues. It can show us the condition of the inside of drains, how deep the drain is in the ground, and is mainly used to locate blockages or issues that are found while investigating. The camera undergoes significant wear and tear every time we use it and costs us to keep it regularly maintained and operational.

Jetting Machine - $250.00

Our jetting machine is used to clean the inside of drains. Over time debris can build up on the walls of the pipe. Our jetting machine is used to pressure wash the sides of the drain cleaning any debris that has become caked on and washing it down and out of the system. If the walls of drains build up it can eventually lead to a very serious blockage.

Large Pro Press - $120.00

The pro press tool is a crimping style tool used on copper water pipe systems. It helps to save time as soldering copper involves pipe and fitting prep work as well as time to heat up the pipe and solder the fitting. The pro press is often used on larger systems when water shut off time needs to be limited as it affects a large group of people (in condos and buildings).

Jackhammer - $75.00

If a jackhammer is needed on your job, we do bill for its use to account for wear and tear to the machine. In some cases a jackhammer is rented from a nearby supply store, in these cases the fee covers the rental charge.

Scaffolding - $150.00

Scaffolding can be very useful and save on time where we are working overhead. Most of the time we would set up scaffolding while working in parkades. This fee covers the time to get the scaffolding together from our shop and loaded up into the van, along with minor wear and tear.

Rags, gloves, glue, silicone, Etc. - $15.00

This is mainly a miscellaneous charge. There are many commonly used parts that we stock in our vans such as screws, rags, gloves, glue, silicone, clips, the list goes on. These parts are purchased in bulk and when used we charge the miscellaneous charge for them.

Toilet Auger - $15.00

In most cases the toilet auger is our first step in attempting to clear a blocked toilet. It allows us to clear the drain without removing the toilet which saves a lot of time.

Pump - $45.00

The pump charge is used most commonly when we are dealing with a storm drain that is blocked or a sump pump that has failed. These are typically left on site until we can purchase a new pump or until the drain has been cleared. These pumps have a built in float to control how often it cycles on and off. In a flooding situation they are invaluable.

Freeze Machine - $200.00

Our freeze machine is a very handy tool in older buildings where shutting down the water and refilling the system may cause pinhole leaks. Using our freeze machine allows us to isolate certain parts of a water piping system and perform repairs without shutting down the plumbing system. This piece of equipment is quite expensive and also requires regular maintenance to ensure it is operating properly.

Solder Flux Gas - $15.00

This charge is added whenever we need to solder on a job. There are quite a few expensive pieces of equipment and materials used every time we solder. The gas tank which gets refilled regularly, the hose, torch nozzle, and regulator, the roll of solder, container of flux, fitting brushes, and sand cloth used to clean the pipe and fittings all contribute to our reasoning behind this charge.

Rental Charges

In the event we do not have the tool available to us we will rent it from the nearest tool rental facility. 

These costs are passed onto our customers under the “Rental Charge”.

Disposal Fee

On jobs where there are old materials to take away a disposal fee may be charged to assist in our costs to get rid of the debris.
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