Property Managers, We See the Superhero in You
July 14, 2021
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We would like to make you a deal:

We’ll do the work, you take the credit.

Sounds good? 

Seriously, we know how important it is for you to look good in front of your tenants. We also know how much easier your life gets when the building owner sees that you’ve managed to reduce their bottom line. Tenants are happy because they’re comfortable, owners are happy because they are saving you money, and you look like the hero who has - yet again - saved the day.

Most of your building’s mechanical systems are out of sight - behind locked doors in windowless rooms. Few people realize the extent of the labour that goes into maintaining these systems - from keeping the building cool to ensuring everyone has hot water - it is often a thankless task.

Thankless, but necessary, so we think you should just let us handle it. Hanks Plumbing is in business to be your sidekick, handling the behind the scenes of the mechanics of your building so you can spend more time delivering better service to the people who matter most - your tenants. They’re the ones who will appreciate the high-profile jobs you might need to do - like handing their in-unit repairs or adding to the beautification of the property.

Here’s how we make it work for hundreds of other property managers: 

Preventative maintenance: we do a top-to-bottom overview of the mechanical systems currently in place throughout your building. We’re looking for the little things that might become big problems (they’re always more affordable to repair when they’re still minor issues), so you can budget and plan for downtime, new parts, system updates, and all of the other little things that creep up on you.

Professional, unobtrusive service: we work on your schedule so your tenant’s service isn’t interrupted. More flexibility means fewer potential complaints. 

We’re on your side: Whether you need help getting the buy-in from the owners or the HOA board, we are on your side because we want to make your life easier, your job smoother, and make you look like a superhero in the process. 

They’ll wonder how you got it all done. You’ll know it’s because Hank’s is your building maintenance sidekick!

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