Ready for Summer? Prepare your AC system before you need it!
June 11, 2021
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All things considered, we’re in the comfort industry. After all, who doesn’t want their home, office, and living space to be comfortable? As spring turns to summer and the temperatures start to climb all around Calgary, your tenants may be reaching for the thermostat.

The question we all want to know: what will happen when they turn on the air conditioning? In the hot summer months, your tenants count on cool, refreshing airflow as a way to relax at the end of the day and get comfortable sleep throughout the night. As a building manager, you know that you are the first person the tenants call when the air conditioning fails.

As a building manager, you also know that when the energy costs start to rise, you are the first person your owner calls. Just as you need to prepare your furnace for the winter months, your air conditioner must be ready for the warm spring and summer months. Air conditioner compressors are installed outside of the building, usually in exposed areas, which means their moving parts get extra wear and tear from the elements. Over the winter, these components might stick together or experience moisture or dust damage. 

When your air conditioner system isn’t running smoothly, cooling your building can take more effort and cost more money. Like any other machine, your air conditioning needs routine, preventative maintenance to run smoothly. Here’s a checklist of things you can take care of today to keep your system cooling properly: 

Checking Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter, in the summer? Absolutely. The intake filter is your system’s first line of defense in ensuring no damaging particulates make their way into your system. This filter should be replaced at the start of every season and, depending on the size of your intake, at least monthly throughout the summer season. As your air conditioner cycles, particulates will accumulate on the filter, diminishing the intake and impacting how much air can be circulated. 

Cleaning The Condensing Coils

Condensors sit outside, which means they are in total exposure to dirt, leaves, and winter debris. When this mess gets caught in the condenser’s metal fins, heat isn’t exchanged effectively, and the entire cooling system is compromised. A thorough hosing of the outside section of your condenser will keep things clean and moving smoothly. Your heat transfer fins can get distorted and bent thanks to Calgary's weather and years of wear and tear. This ultimately reduces the ability and efficiency of the condenser unit. Contact us to have your fins re-combed and repaired.

Testing, Testing…

No one likes surprises. Not tenants, not building managers, especially not owners. There is no telling what might happen the first time a system gets turned on for the season. We believe in the cost-saving, surprise-eliminating power of preventative maintenance to keep your building’s cooling systems running efficiently all summer long. 

We know owners and building managers take pride in the work they do. We also know some things are best left to a professional you can trust - and we’re more than happy to help you. Just a few of the many professional services we provide include: 

  • Checking and reinforcing electrical connections.
  • Checking all fluid lines for leaks
  • Flushing and filling condensing units
  • Lubricating fans and motors for optimal performance. 

After fifty years in business, we know the first warm day can be a test of your building’s cooling systems. We also know that well-maintained systems run more efficiently, which can save you on expensive energy or repair bills down the road. Give your pros at Hank’s Plumbing a call today to schedule your cooling service today.

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