5 Common Fall Plumbing Issues and How to Avoid Them

1. Clogged Garbage Disposal

This doesn't sound right!

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? The last hot days of the year, a refreshing drink, or how about all those delicious fall foods that you're eating a lot more of? Figs, sweet potato, and broccoli make for some delicious fall recipes.  

While you may look forward to devouring these seasonal delights, your garbage disposal doesn't. Throwing hard fruits and vegetables down the disposal can lead to damaged blades or clogs in the disposal unit.

Speaking of clogs, you should also avoid dumping any grease down the drains. Used cooking oils (think: bacon grease) are not disposal friendly.

2. Sewer Line Backups

What’s that smell?!

With the changing of the leaves comes a little rain. Sometimes a lot of rain! Thunderstorms or even excessive rain showers can be a potential risk to your sewer lines. Water can leak into the pipes, causing the sewer lines to back up. This also gives your sump pump a good workout so it should be checked at the beginning of the summer season.

If you’re a property manager and have trees near your buildings or street, there's a good chance that the roots have already found your drainage pipes. When tree roots spread, it leads to cracked underground drainpipes. The roots themselves will block the pipes but moreover, they will start catching the flushed debris creating a clog that only a professional plumbing and drain cleaning company can resolve.

Be aware of these signs of sewer line trouble:

3. Washing Machine Maintenance

Laundry again?!

Warm fall days means spending more time outside before winter arrives. Whether it be grass stains, mud, or mustard stains from your last BBQ, you may notice the laundry piling up more… a lot more! This not only puts more stress on you, but it also gives your washing machine a good work out. Which means that the fall months a prime time for breakdowns.

Here are some tell-tail signs that your washing machine may need some maintenance: 

4. Clogged Toilets

Ah, autumn... you're just sitting down on the deck with a good book and a yummy drink when you hear your kids yell those dreaded words: “The toilet's overflowing again!”

Now usually these clogs can be cleared by using a plunger. However, if you find yourself plunging and plunging with no relief in sight, one of your little angels may have dropped something other than toilet paper down the toilet. This foreign object could be caught in the trap causing the backup. 

If this is the case, you'll need to call in your neighbourhood-friendly plumbing and HVAC company to get the job done right!

5. Sprinkler Issues

A frequently overlooked issue!

As we finish up with the summer months, the amount of water used is at it’s highest. Whether for drinking, watering the lawn, or letting the kids run through the sprinkler. You may even have an in-ground sprinkler system. If so, be sure to check and clean the heads at the beginning of summer and end of fall.

Pro tip: Also remember to lower the heads when mowing the lawn to avoid damage to the system and your lawnmower.

Fall is a beautiful time to relax and enjoy the last days of nice weather- don't waste precious time having to clean up plumbing issues. Follow these 5 tips to help you enjoy the amazing autumn colours! If in doubt, call in Hank's to give you Peace Of Mind For Your Bottom Line.