The Real Reason We've Stayed In Business for Over 50 Years
July 8, 2022
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Why do you do what you do?

When was the last time you really thought about it? We know a lot of owners who love the prospect of an investment property. There are building managers who like working with their hands and solving problems.

Under it all, what is your core reason for doing what you do?

Ownership is, in part, a business: money in, money out. The rents and mortgages are consistent from one month to the next while expenses can fluctuate. There is always the possibility of having major, costly repairs or upgrades to your building's maintenance systems show up unexpectedly. Not only do the books need balancing, but the building needs to be in good shape to maintain and even increase its value.

The problems in poorly maintained buildings tend to worsen exponentially because of one crucial variable: your tenants—the people behind the doors and the names on the mailboxes. Without them, your collection of units are lifeless.

The truth is: focusing on the welfare of the people around you will always bring the long-term results you are after.

We are in business to make sure your tenants are comfortable. When they are comfortable, they stay longer and have an emotional investment in the building. Your tenants are what transforms your business. We're in business for them, which is why we are eager to deliver the best service to building owners and managers. The team at HPG Mechanical follow a few main ideas to help keep us accountable to the communities we serve.

Preserving Your Reserves

We work on quite a few condo buildings throughout the Calgary area, and we know all about the reserve fund. Funded by Home Owner Association fees, the reserve fund is on hand to cover emergency expenses - like a late-night visit from your plumber. Emergency callouts usually means something expensive happened. With each preventative maintenance consult we do, we show you all the ways you can save money by removing the surprises and preparing for the future. The goal is to drain your sink, not your reserves.

Convenience for the Customer

Building owners and managers are OUR customers, and your tenants are YOUR customer - and we aim to make both happy. This is why we have an extensive fleet of fully-stocked vehicles and stick to a rigorous timetable. When we arrive on time with the tools to do the job, everyone can go back to relaxing sooner.

A Community is Built On Integrity

When you tell a tenant something will be fixed "tomorrow," you have exactly that long to get the job done. Anything after tomorrow means you have lost their trust. Excuses don't get people anywhere, which is why we always give an honest and straightforward answer. From the repairs and upgrades your mechanical system might need to the inevitable discussion of price and service time, we are always going to be straightforward.

Honesty and integrity, all the way down the line - because that’s what everyone, especially your tenants deserve.
The team at HPG Mechanical is dedicated to helping you maintain your building’s mechanical systems so you can best serve your tenants. Our preventative maintenance approach is a simple way to prevent surprises while planning for energy-saving upgrades in the future. Click here to schedule a visit from one of our certified professionals and see how HPG can help you.

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